Membership Info

The benefits of LICC membership include curling in LICC leagues over the coming year and representing LICC in bonspiels (tournaments) anywhere you want to go. Additionally, you automatically get membership in the Grand National Curling Club and the United States Curling Association making you a registered curler. These memberships provide newsletters during the winter season and updates on all other curling clubs in the United States. Other benefits include:

•  Participation in our monthly practice sessions for a small fee.
•  Ability to play in our leagues and to sub in additional leagues at no charge
•  Participation in club events
•  All USA Curling membership benefits

We have a few ways to become a member.

– You can join and learn as you go while playing on a team in the league.
– You can try the sport out as stated below to determine if you like the sport, and then join. In certain cases, portions of your Learn to Curl fees can be applied to your league fees.
– First time curlers will have a reduced fee for membership.
– You can be an associate member which provides member benefits without weekly league playing. You can play in club Friendly bonspiels and join any club social events. As members of the curling associations, you can play in outside bonspiels as well.

Here is the 2018 LICC Application

To make your membership payment, visit the Registration & Payment page.

To try out the sport:

1) Open House – an introduction to the sport. Budget about 45 minutes from your starting time (you will be on the ice for 20-30 minutes). Please make a reservation and we will confirm your starting time.

You will be introduced to the sport of curling, learning how to deliver and sweep, along with other basic parts of the sport. You will then use your new skills to try a delivery to a curling house.

2) Learn to Curl – a more in-depth class; budget 2.5 – 3 hours per session.

At a learn to curl, you will work though all the techniques needed for curling, game strategy, and play a couple of ends of a real game. It is recommended that you first attend an open house, although it is not necessary. Depending on skill level and time, you will play more or fewer ends of a real game.

For either session, remember to wear warm, loose-fitting clothes; thin gloves are recommended; and wear flat, gripping thick-soled tennis type shoes with warm socks (no shape-ups, heels, or sandals). No other equipment is necessary.