Answers to frequently asked questions:
Q: What do I get from my club membership?

A: The benefits of LICC membership include curling in LICC leagues over the coming year and representing LICC in bonspiels (tournaments) anywhere you want to go. Additionally, you automatically get membership in the Grand National Curling Club and the United States Curling Association. These memberships also provide newsletters during the winter season and updates on all other curling clubs in the United States. We currently play in both the summer and winter and have leagues on multiple nights.

Q: Can I come out when you play to try curling?

A: Typically, during league play, our ice is full. You may definitely come and watch any games, and maybe speak to some club members before or after the games. We periodically have Open House and Learn to Curl events. At the Open House you receive a demonstration of the basics of curling and spend about 30 minutes on the ice, and an additional 5-10 minutes off the ice instruction. The Learn to Curl is a 2 and 1/2 hour training session where you receive more detailed instruction and actually get to play part of a game. Please check our Calendar for dates and times of future events. If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please Contact Us and provide your name, email and a phone number to reach you. Before each season, we send out information to people on this list.

Q: Am I too young to curl?

A: You will be sliding a 42-lb granite stone down a 120-foot sheet of ice. Usually, anybody under 12 will have trouble with the weight. If you have children who want to try, and you believe they can handle the activity, reserve a spot for an Open House or Learn to Curl so we can assess their capability. A parent must attend to sign the release form, but the parent does not need to curl with your child, although we recommend you try the sport out as well.

Q: Am I too old to curl?

A: No. There are octogenarian curlers all over the world. If you cannot complete the normal delivery, we have a curling stick that allows you to deliver the stone while standing upright.

Q: I can’t make your public events. Will there be more?

A: Contact us at licurling@gmail.com for information on future Open House and Learn to Curl dates, or check our calendar. If you add your name to our contacts, we send out updates before our events.

Q: How do I sign up for the league?

A: We will be contacting all Open House and Learn to Curl attendees that provided email addresses. If you were unable to attend one of these events (or are unsure if we have your contact information), please contact us and state you want to be placed on the league interest contact list.

Q: Do I need four people for a team?

A: One of the great things about curling is that it is a very social game and a great way to meet people and make new friends. You don’t need a full team. Join as a single or with others, and we’ll put you with other curlers.

Q: Do I need to get equipment?

A: All equipment – stones, brooms, sliders and stabilizers – is provided by the club. Many people opt to buy their own brooms and specialized shoes after a short while. Once a year, we have Brooms Up Curling Supplies at the arena to sell equipment.

Q: Where do you curl?

A: We are based at the Long Island Sports Hub at 165 Eileen Way in Syosset, NY

Q: Can I get to the arena by mass transit?

A: The arena is approximately two miles (a 5-minute cab ride) from the Syosset LIRR train station. You can also (check LIRR schedule here).

Q: Do you offer Gift Certificates?

A: Yes. We offer Gift Certificates in various denominations, which are great for all occasions. They can be redeemed for Open Houses, Learn to Curl Classes, and League and Membership fees. Please email us at licurling@gmail.com to purchase a certificate.

Q: How do I make the Olympic squad?

A: Practice, practice and more practice.