Where Should I Be?

Where Should I Be?
By Michael Spensieri and Nicole Mikoleski

One of the most important aspects of keeping the pace of a game moving along is simply knowing where you should be and what you should be doing at each juncture of the match. Just moving around and getting things into position can eat up a ton of time during a match so it’s important that each curler be in the right place doing the right thing.

When it’s time for your shot, be ready behind the hack as the person before you shoots and then get yourself right down in the hack with your stone and your stabilizer (or broom). This way as soon as your opponent’s stone stops moving your skip can call the next shot right away as you are in position to go!

When it’s time to sweep, be sure to communicate with the other sweeper about who will be taking the stone so there will be no confusion there. Stand to the side so the shooter and skip may see each other to communicate. Once the stone is in motion, try to be as close to the stone as you can at all times so if you need to sweep, you’ll be in position.

During the times that you are neither shooting nor sweeping, be sure to stand to the sides and in between the hog lines so you are not in the way of anybody else. Remember to stay quiet and still when another curler is in the hack ready to shoot and ALWAYS keep clear of the middle of the sheet (I can’t think of enough ways to stress that one)!

As the end gets to the last part and it is time for the skips to shoot, it is the responsibility of the lead to set the stone up in the hack for their skip so all he has to do is come back down and everything is set up for him to go. If everybody makes sure to do all of these little things in a timely manner, the ends will go quickly and smoothly and we should all have time to play a full 8 ends each time out!

See you all again Friday for more great curling!!

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